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Cloverleaf Method

Talent App

You are an amazing person. Use this app to fully unlock your potential and to find your purpose.


Discover your distractions

REMEMBER: Lots of your decisions are made because of influences from your environment. Listen to your intuition if you want to find out what YOU truly want.

For this reason, list all the distracting and energy-consuming factors in your life.


Find your SWID’s

The next step is to figure out your personality traits. Take your time and be very honest with yourself.

You will find one page for every SWID category (Strengths, Weaknesses, Interests and Dislikes)

Repeat Exercise

Update your cloverleaf regularly to see your progress and if your cloverleaf changes over time.

Reflect & Meditate

The cloverleaf shows your passion and unique talents. Now it’s important to find out how it fits best into the world and how you can help others with your passion.

Look at your cloverleaf and meditate for several minutes over it.

Share Cloverleaf

Share it with your friends if you want feedback.


How it works

Do the Exercises

Find your distractions and fill out your strengths, weaknesses, dislikes and interests.


Find your passion.

Be of Service

Use your talents to help others.

Get Started!

Discover your talents.